Ruto and Sang trial postponed to 16 June

Proceedings in the Ruto/Sang case were postponed due to witness-related issues.  © Standard Media

Proceedings in the Ruto/Sang case were postponed due to witness-related issues. © Standard Media

The current session of the trial of William Ruto and Joshua Sang has been adjourned till 16 June 2014 and will continue through 16 July, ICC Trial Chamber V (a) ruled in a decision last month.

Ruto will be excused from the first two days of the session on 16-17 June, but must be present on 19- 20 June.

The 16 May ruling came in response to the prosecution’s request that the proceedings be postponed due to logistical difficulties bringing witnesses to testify. None of the parties or participants opposed the request.

The Chamber expressed serious concern and dissatisfaction that the session had to be adjourned after only two days. Judges informed the prosecution that all available means, including cooperation and summons requests, should be employed to ensure that this is not repeated.

Earlier on 16 May, the judges granted the prosecution’s request to withdraw a key witness due to credibility issues relating to the witness’s testimony.

In response to defense requests, the Chamber stated that the prosecution would not be expected to close their case after the June/July session based on the witness participation difficulties they were facing, and with the only possibility of re-opening the case being the satisfactory enactment of the Chamber’s decision summoning eight non-cooperating prosecution witnesses to appear before the Court.

Ruto and Sang are being tried for crimes against humanity allegedly committed during violence that followed the Kenyan presidential elections held in 2007, which killed over 1,200 people and displaced 600,000.

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