Tell the world #JusticeMatters this International Justice Day, 17 July

Next week, the world will celebrate progress towards greater accountability for crimes against humanity war crimes and genocide on International Justice Day (IJD).

Four ways to show your support this IJD!

  • Join the #JusticeMatters campaign. Post a photo of yourself on Twitter or on the IJD Facebook page holding a sign reading #JusticeMatters.
  • Change your social media profile image to the #17July logo.
  • Join the conversation using the #JusticeMatters and #17July hashtags.
  • Tune into to our live video conference “Can the UN Security Council be Consistent on Justice? on 16 July (see details below)

Join our live video conference on 16 July: “Can the UN Security Council be Consistent on Justice?
This year, we’ll be holding a live Google+ Hangout video conference to discuss efforts to secure justice and accountability at the UN Security Council.

Joining us will be:

  • William Pace, convenor of the Coalition for the ICC;
  • Radwan Ziadeh, director of the Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies, Syria; and
  • Richard Dicker, director of the International Justice Program at Human Rights Watch.

Join the conversation on our YouTube and Google+ pages on 16 July at 10.00 EDT / 16.00 CET

Send us your questions or comments on Google+, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #UNSCJustice.

What’s this all about?
In May, the failure of the Security Council to refer widespread atrocities in Syria for investigation by the ICC prosecutor marked the first time a referral resolution had been vetoed. The Security Council has referred only Darfur and Libya to the Court despite well documented mass human rights violations elsewhere—an inconsistency that has prompted an initiative calling on permanent Security Council members to refrain from using their veto-power when dealing with such crimes. Meanwhile, the two referrals that have been made have suffered from a lack of follow-up from the Security Council in arresting suspects and other issues. The Council’s insistence that the ICC pay for investigations arising from referrals and that citizens of non-ICC members be exempt from the Court’s jurisdiction has also proved controversial.

A special International Justice Day flag flies at the ICC last July. © ICC-CPI

A special International Justice Day flag flies at the ICC last July. © ICC-CPI

Solidarity with victims of grave crimes everywhere
17 July is the anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute, the ICC’s founding treaty. It is a reminder of the urgency for all states and stakeholders committed to justice to ensure continued support for the Rome Statute’s international justice system and to show solidarity with victims of grave crimes everywhere.

Each year, the Coalition and international community commemorate IJD by organizing panel discussions, film screenings and any number of events promoting international justice and the ICC.

Stay up-to-date on IJD and justice developments by following us on Twitter and tell us why #JusticeMatters to you

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