Expert panel reports on qualifications of ICC judicial candidates

Six new ICC judges will be elected in December. © ICC-CPI

Six new ICC judges will be elected in December. © ICC-CPI

An expert panel has issued a report on the qualifications of 17 candidates in the running to become ICC judges this December. As part of our elections campaign, we also held panel discussions with the nominees at the UN last month to bring additional transparency to the process (listen below).

Six spots on the ICC judges’ bench are up for grabs in elections set to take place at annual session of the Assembly of States Parties (ASP), the ICC’s governing body.

The Advisory Committee on Nominations of Judges, chaired by former ICC president Philippe Kirsch, met in New York last month to conduct interviews with candidates hailing from all the world’s regions.

Meeting for third time since it was set up in 2011, the Committee is mandated to facilitate that the highest-qualified individuals are appointed as ICC judges, ensuring that they meet the criteria set out in the Rome Statute – the ICC’s founding treaty.

Read the Committee’s report

The Committee builds on the work of the Independent Panel on ICC Judicial Elections, set up in by the Coalition 2010 to raise awareness and assess the qualifications of ICC judicial candidates.

As part of our continuing campaign to promote the election of the highest qualified candidates to leadership positions at the ICC and ASP, the candidates outlined their motivations and experience, and took questions from states and civil society, during our panel discussions. Listen to the discussions:

Read our questionnaires completed by the candidates

Have your say – what do you think of the qualifications of the candidates?

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