Introducing The Global Justice Monitor

The Global Justice Monitor

The Global Justice Monitor is our annual review of news and views on the ICC and Rome Statute system of international justice. © CICC

Readers may notice some changes in this 46th edition of our flagship publication. While insightful analysis of pressing issues facing the ICC and Rome Statute (RS) system of international justice remain at its core, we hope The Global Justice Monitor has become more accessible to a wider audience through a more visual and engaging style.

This year, the RS system again faces significant challenges. Amendments to the Statute have been proposed that would give immunity to sitting heads of state and other senior government officials. The Coalition remains steadfast in its support for the key RS principle of equality for all before the law.

Even so, this is a time for optimism. We believe that the RS system will be strengthened under the leadership of Senegalese Justice Minister Sidiki Kaba in his role as the next president of the Assembly of States Parties. A longtime supporter of the fight against impunity, Kaba will become the first African to head the Assembly at a time when a new relationship with the continent is urgently needed.

2015 will mark the 20th anniversary of the Coalition for the ICC. It is remarkable that so much has been achieved in the past two decades, which began with an idea dismissed by most: a permanent international criminal court. Throughout the year, we will commemorate the hard-fought successes in the fight against impunity while continuing to work to ensure the existence of a fair, effective and independent ICC that serves the interests of victims the world over.

Together for Justice.



William R. Pace

Convenor of the Coalition for the ICC



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