Nepal: Start a new chapter by joining the ICC


As political parties in Nepal seek to turn the page on decades of civil war and political deadlock, justice and accountability are central issues that must be dealt with. Joining the ICC would signal that Nepal truly has closed a dark chapter in its history.

Nepal is the focus of our Campaign for Global Justice this month.


Amielle Del Rosario, Coalition for the ICC Asia-Pacific coordinator:

“Nepal is now at a defining moment of its history as it writes a new constitution. Parliamentarians must seize this opportunity to ensure that the Nepal of the future guarantees that its citizens are protected from the worst crimes.”

This week, the Coalition sent a letter to Nepalese Prime Minister Sushil Koirala calling on his government  to ratify the ICC Rome Statute at the earliest possible date. The Coalition recognizes Nepalese politicians’ efforts to advance this cause despite difficult political negotiations over a new constitution, including a unanimous parliamentary resolution calling for accession in 2006.

Indeed, Nepali society as a whole has reached a consensus that justice and accountability must be addressed in a new post-conflict Nepal. The Nepali Coalition for the ICC, encompassing a wide range of civil society groups, lawyers, journalists and individuals united by their desire to promote international justice, has been actively preparing Nepal for accession through training workshops, awareness-raising and information dissemination.

Subodh Raj Pyakurel, coordinator of the Nepal National Coalition for the ICC and Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) Chairperson:

“Nepal’s experience demonstrates the value of the international system established by the Rome Statute to deter and punish the worst crimes. Justice and accountability must be at the heart of the system that emerges from constitutional negotiations.”


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