Is the international community still committed to fighting impunity?

ICTJ-COL-Conferencia-Lecciones-Justicia-Noviembre-2014_1It’s a question central to the success of the ICC and international justice. Has the international community given up its commitment to ensure that the perpetrators of mass atrocities are held accountable, or does the will to end impunity for the world’s worst crimes still exist? The International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) begins a debate on the subject this week.

Arguing that yes the international community has given up the fight is author and human rights scholar Michael Ignatieff. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein will argue the contrary. Prince Zeid is a strong supporter of international justice, having served as president of the Assembly of States Parties – the ICC’s governing body. Prince Zeid is also a member of our Advisory Board.

Several special guest commentators, including ICC Proscecutor Fatou Bensouda, will also participate.

ICTJ’s debate will be open for public commentary, and you can follow the conversation on Twitter and Facebook using #ImpunityDebate.

Tell us what you think – Is the international community abandoning the fight against impunity?

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