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Al-MahkamahPalestine’s decision to join the ICC in late 2014 capped off a turbulent year in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), a region beset by conflict and frequent allegations of human rights abuses. In the latest issue of Al-Mahkamah, the Coalition’s MENA newsletter, Palestinian civil society reacts to the accession and other developments.

Al-Mahkamah No. 19 also includes civil society views on the Arab League’s proposed ‘Arab Court of Human Rights’ and updates on Coalition activities in Egypt and elsewhere in the MENA region.

You can find past issues of Al-Mahkamah on our website.

What is our Coalition doing in the MENA region?
The MENA region is the most underrepresented at the ICC. In addition to Palestine, only two other MENA states are members of the ICC—Jordan and Tunisia. The Comoros Islands and Djibouti, both members of the Arab League, have also joined the Court. Our Coalition works with over 200 member organizations and 11 national coalitions in the region to raise awareness of the ICC and advocate for more states to accede to the ICC Rome Statute and incorporate its principles into national law.

The ICC has an open investigation in Libya, which was referred to the Court by the UN Security Council in 2011. The ICC prosecutor also has active preliminary examinations in Iraq and Palestine.

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