Tell the world why #JusticeMatters this International Justice Day


Coalition staff celebrate International Justice Day. © CICC

What does justice mean to you? In celebration of International Justice Day, 17 July, we want to know why you think #JusticeMatters. Find out how to take part.

International Justice Day commemorates the adoption of the ICC Rome Statute on 17 July 1998.

To show your support, you can participate in the ICC’s #JusticeMatters social media campaign by filling in a poster with a word or phrase describing what justice means to you, then post your photos or videos on the ICC’s Facebook page. You can also follow the Court’s new Outreach Blog.

We’ll be posting our own photos and videos on Twitter and Facebook next week. We’ll also be changing our social media profile photos and banners to show our support for the ICC and international justice, and invite you to do the same. Just choose one or more of the images below.

#JUSTICEMATTERS Social Media Icon Orange
#JUSTICEMATTERS Social Media Icon Blue

IJD Facebook Banner

Check back next week for updates on our members’ activities and special posts in commemoration of International Justice Day!


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6 Responses to Tell the world why #JusticeMatters this International Justice Day

  1. zafar gondal says:

    Justice is crucial for peace and security. Without justice, there would be no security, peace and sustained development.

  2. Justice could be strongly served with nations and citizens working closely together. One way of doing this would be with student exchange. People seem to be distrustful of others that they consider different. By expanding the education in the world, people could better understand the social problems all people face and deal with. This could, in my opinion, allow people to work together with positive goals and build a better world without so much hate.

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  4. shana says:

    It means to me a great deal. I dont want a family. Members n my kids

  5. shana says:

    It’s very important and we have. To make changes

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