#GlobalJustice Weekly – Civil society seeks progress with historic ICC outcome

GJW Bemba

Jean-Pierre Bemba sentenced to 18 years in prison for crimes against humanity and war crimes © Reuters

In Global Justice news last week: ICC sentences Jean-Pierre Bemba to 18 years in prison; former UPC fighter accuses ICC suspect Ntaganda in alleged ethnic killings; Mexico and the EU strengthen cooperation in human rights field; and much more.

Civil society has reacted to last week’s International Criminal Court (ICC) sentencing of Movement for the Liberation of Congo (MLC) ex-commander, Jean-Pierre Bemba, to 18 years in prison.

In March 2016, the ICC found the Congolese politician and former rebel leader guilty of rape and murder as crimes against humanity, and rape, murder and pillaging as war crimes – committed by troops under his command during an unsuccessful 2002-3 anti-coup operation in the Central African Republic (CAR).

The verdict simultaneously gave the ICC its first sexual and gender-based crimes and command responsibility convictions. The sentence, meanwhile, was the longest so far in ICC history.

Read statements on the historic judgment from the International Federation for Human Rights, the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice, No Peace Without Justice and other civil society organizations that have been supporting the ICC case and working for years towards complete justice for communities affected by the 2002-3 conflict.

International Criminal Court investigations

Central African Republic II: UN expert stresses urgency of disarming Anti-Balaka and ex-Seleka groups and restoring rule of law, welcomes progress towards Special Criminal Court in the country

Democratic Republic of Congo:  Former UPC fighter accuses Ntaganda of alleged ordered ethnic killings while Human Rights Watch officer testifies at ICC trial

Kenya: Former UN chief Kofi Annan questions ICC’s handling of the Kenya cases

Libya:  Gaddafi son picks ICC “fixer” Karim Khan as defence lawyer

ICC preliminary examinations

Burundi: Foreign Affairs Minister threatens to abandon ICC after preliminary examination launched

Colombia: EU HRVP Mogherini welcomes ceasefire agreement between the government and the FARC-EP as strongest assurance of end to 52-year armed conflict

Campaign for Global Justice 

Trial publishes 2015 activity report, calls on all stakeholders to “overcome the idea that justice will come from afar” and to fight impunity from home

Mexico and the EU strengthen cooperation in human rights field, dialogue with civil society. Read civil society’s recommendations (Spanish)

ICC Prosecutor Fatou B. Bensouda  publishes draft policy on prosecuting and investigating crimes concerning children 

Around the world 

Asylum seekers call on Europe to try Eritrea leader for crimes against humanity

UN panel reports on ISIS crimes against Yezidis in Iraq and Syria

Cambodia‘s controversial Khmer Rouge Tribunal leaving mixed legacy after ten years

Alleged war crimes finally probed decade after Nepal peace pact

Humanitarian Law Center publishes Serbia transitional justice report, highlights problems in 1990s war crimes trials and slow progress linked to lack of political will

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