#GlobalJustice Weekly – AU: Activists challenge attacks on ICC

African activists ICC

In Global Justice news last week: African activists reject attacks on ICC by some African leaders; ICC launches photo contest for 17 July International Justice Day; Calls for legal action against Tony Blair over Iraq war; Gaddafi son Saif al-Islam reportedly ‘released’ from Libya jail, and much more.

African activists challenge attacks on ICC

As the 27th African Union summit kicks off in Rwanda this week, human rights activists from across Africa have rejected attacks being made by some African leaders against the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Watch African activists call for greater government support for the ICC and national justice.

ICC investigations

Democratic Republic of Congo: Expert explains psychological harm suffered by victims of sexual violence in Ntaganda trial

Côte d’Ivoire: Aides to ousted Ivorian leader Gbagbo return home after five-year exile

Libya: Gaddafi son Saif al-Islam reportedly ‘released’ from Libya jail

Darfur, Sudan: Ugandan government sued for failure to arrest Al-Bashir

ICC preliminary examinations

Ukraine: New report alleges cross-border attacks by Russia in 2014

Colombia: Could an ex-president be the biggest obstacle in peace negotiations?

Burundi: Intelligence Services torture suspected opponents, reports Human Rights Watch

Iraq/UK: Blair faces calls for Iraq legal action after Chilcot Report

Campaign for Global Justice

ICC launches #JusticeMatters social media campaign

African activists challenge African Union‘s attacks on ICC

ICC Office of the Prosecutor and the International Commission on Missing Persons sign Memorandum of Understanding

ICC and Norway conclude enforcement of sentence cooperation agreement

New European Union Global strategy explicitly reaffirms strong EU support to ICC

Around the world

Amnesty International publishes new briefing on abductions, torture and summary killings by armed groups in Syria

UN Human Rights Council resolution: Eritrea should be subject to international investigation

Prosecutor in France calls for life in Rwanda genocide case

United States sanctions North Korea leader for first time over human rights abuses

Turkey-Israel reconciliation paves way for aid to Gaza

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch respond to Chilcot Report on Iraq war

UN human rights chief condemns Baghdad terrorist attack

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