Make justice visible this International Justice Day, 17 July


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This upcoming Sunday, 17 July, is International Justice Day. Here are two easy ways you can show your support for victims of atrocities through the International Criminal Court.

1. Upload the ‘Global Justice for Atrocities’ graphic to your social media profile image



2. Take a photo of you and your friends with the ICC justice symbol and share on the campaign Facebook page.

Coalition Staff

Staff and interns of the Coalition for the ICC showing their support for International Justice Day 2016. © CICC


What is International Justice Day?

International Justice Day commemorates the historic adoption of the Rome Statute on 17 July 1998, and marks the importance of continuing the fight against impunity and bringing justice for the victims of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.

The day is a reminder of the urgency for all states committed to justice around the world to ensure continued support for the international justice system. It demonstrates the crucial role of civil society members in ensuring that ICC member states live up to their obligations.

Coalition members all over the world are holding celebrations to embrace this day in solidarity with victims of grave crimes- including sexual and gender -based crimes- everywhere.

At the opening of the ICC’s new permanent premises in April, the Coalition for the ICC’s Convenor, William Pace stated,

“The strengthening of international criminal justice in the last 20 years, and especially the adoption of the Rome Statute and the establishment of the new system of international criminal justice and this great Court, will be viewed as revolutionary advancement of peace and the rule of law.”

This year, as part of the Coalition for the ICC’s 20th anniversary, we asked key figures in international justice field to reflect on the progress and challenges ahead for the ICC and civil society as part of our When hope and history rhyme blog series.

Read the latest post by ICC President Judge Silvia Fernández de Germendi.


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2 Responses to Make justice visible this International Justice Day, 17 July

  1. Very good, we , Chavara Cultural Centre Kochi organize International justice day on Monday 18th July because We have participate students from Schools and Colleges.

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