#GlobalJustice Weekly – Grave crimes in Burundi unaddressed, UN Committee hears

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Burundian refugees prepare a meal at the Bugesera Reception Centre, Rwanda in this file picture taken in 2015.  © UNHCR/K. HoltIn

The latest in Global Justice news: Burundian NGOs submitted a report to 58th session of the UN Committee Against Torture (CAT) on deteriorating security situation; UN Security Council adopts resolution to establish police force in Burundi; were expectations for reparations too high in Kenya, victims’ advocate asks; opening statements in the Ongwen trial will not be held in Uganda; and much more.

Grave crimes in Burundi unaddressed, UN Committee hears

A new report submitted to the 58th session of the UN Committee against Torture has outlined the deteriorating security situation in the Burundi in the aftermath of its elections crisis in April 2015, condemning a spate of alleged extrajudicial executions, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests and torture.

The findings were presented by a coalition of Burundian NGOs, including members of the Burundian Coalition for the ICC, with the support of the World Organisation Against Torture, the International Federation of Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture, TRIAL International, the Centre for Civil and Political Rights, and Defend Defenders.

In April of this year, the ICC Prosecutor opened a preliminary examination into the situation in Burundi to determine whether a full investigation is warranted, focusing on alleged acts of killing, imprisonment, torture, rape, and other forms of sexual violence, and enforced disappearances.

Civil society has long been calling for accountability for those responsible.

Read what the Burundi Coalition for the ICC has to about the current political and human rights situation in the country.

On Friday, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution authorizing the establishment of a police force in Burundi with a 1 year mandate to  monitor the security situation.

ICC investigations 

Democratic Republic of Congo: Bemba contests 18- year ICC sentence, prosecutor seeks longer jail term. UN list of suspected Congolese civil war criminals to stay secret.

Kenya: Court ruling on reparation for Kenyan victims- expectations too high? Ruto’s lawyer demands KSh2trillion from Britain for injustice during colonization period.

Libya: Is Gadaffi’s son returning to politics?

Sudan: Opposition alliance to sign AU proposed peace road-map to end war in the country. Government forces continue to commit war crimes despite peace agreement in South Sudan.

Uganda: Gulu will not host Ong’wen trial just yet

ICC preliminary examinations

Afghanistan: Human Rights Watch reports conflict in Afghanistan taking worsening toll on long-suffering civilian population, seeks prosecution of Afghan militias.

Colombia: Impact of international courts on local peace-making made visible in Colombia case

Ukraine: Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office preparing new Maidan case files for ICC. Human Rights Watch releases new confirmation of secret detention allegations.

Nigeria: Goodluck Jonathan, Dasuki, others to be charged for war crimes?

Palestine: International Forum for Democracy and Human Rights files Article 15 submission at ICC on alleged torture by Palestinian security services

Campaign for Global Justice 

Preparations underway to mark second anniversary of Shingal genocide

Appeal launched for evidence for Yezidi genocide trial

Around the world 

Armenian and Azerbaijan civilians of both sides of conflict wait for peace and justice

EU sets conditions for Serbia’s membership- efficient prosecution and respect for rights of civilian victims of war crimes.

Poland’s parliament recognizes WWII massacre by Ukraine as genocide draws criticism from Kiev

Chad: Victims in the case against Habré awarded reparation

Guantanamo: Trial of men charged with 9/11 attacks still years away says Human Rights Watch 

Peru’s ex- president Fujimori requests pardon from 25- year prison term

UN calls ISIS suicide bombings in Afghanistan a war crime

Brazil authorities arrest man for war crimes in former Yugoslavia

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