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Jean-Pierre Bemba guilty in landmark ICC trial

The guilty verdict in the International Criminal Court trial of Jean-Pierre Bemba, a Congolese politician and militia leader, is a victory for accountability under “command responsibility” and the eradication of rape as a weapon of war. Read civil society reactions.

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#GlobalJustice Weekly – A win for justice in South Africa | Bemba verdict due Monday

In Global Justice news this week: South African court rules that ICC fugitive Omar al-Bashir should have been arrested, verdict due in the ICC trial of former Congolese militia leader Jean-Pierre Bemba, calls for accountability in Syria, South Sudan and much more.

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Bemba verdict: First ICC command responsibility trial – all you need to know

The ICC hands down its fourth ever judgment on 21 March 2016 in the case against Jean-Pierre Bemba. The Congolese politician and militia leader is charged with responsibility for grave crimes allegedly committed by a militia under his control in the … Continue reading

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#GlobalJustice Weekly – Timbuktu destruction case at ICC | El Salvador accedes to Rome Statute

In Global Justice news this week: Timbuktu destruction pre-hearing opened this week; El Salvador acceded to the Rome Statute; the trials of Bosco Ntaganda and Jean Pierre Bemba continued; ICC judged incorporated new regulations to enhace the effectiveness and efficiency … Continue reading

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#GlobalJustice Weekly – Protection of human rights in jeopardy

In Global Justice news this week: Governments undermining the International Criminal Court, confirmation of charges in the case of Ahmad Al Faqi Al Mahdi for alleged cultural war crimes opens at ICC on 1 March, UN warns about commission of … Continue reading

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