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ASP 14: Negotiating the 2016 ICC budget

Ahead of ASP 14 next week, governments are negotiating the International Criminal Court budget for 2016. So what is is the ICC asking for and what is it likely to get?

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Assembly of States Parties 14 – The basics

The International Criminal Court’s governing body begins its annual session next week to discuss matters crucial to the future of international justice. But what is the Assembly of States Parties and what’s up for discussion? Here are the basics.

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Still falling short—the ICC’s capacity crisis

In this guest post, Elizabeth Evenson, senior international justice counsel at Human Rights Watch and Jonathan O’Donohue, legal adviser for Amnesty International and leader of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court’s Budget and Finance team, argue that the ICC’s proposed expansion … Continue reading

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ICC requests 17% budget increase for growing workload

Next week, 22 September, the ICC’s financial oversight body meets to discuss the Court’s 2016 budget request – a 17% increase from last year. So what exactly is the ICC asking for?

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The ICC at risk

In this post from OpenDemocracy, Human Rights Watch’s Elizabeth Evenson and Amnesty International’s Jonathan O’Donohue argue that with demands for justice rising across the world both the ICC and its member states urgently need to deal with a capacity crisis … Continue reading

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