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#GlobalJustice Weekly – No ICC investigation in Honduras

In global justice news this week: the ICC decides to not investigate allegations of crimes against humanity in Honduras; the UN (ACT) group launches its Code of Conduct; and news on India, Syria, Yemen and much more.

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Ongwen: Expanded charges would allow more victim participation

                      In this guest post from International Justice Monitor, Sharon Nakandha of the Open Society Justice Initiative argues that the expansion of charges against Lord’s Resistance Army commander Dominic Ongwen will … Continue reading

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Improving victim participation in the Ongwen case: lessons from Lubanga

In this guest post from Humanity United, Jeanne Elone of TrustAfrica reflects on victim participation at the ICC, and how it may be improved in the upcoming Ongwen case. She argues that by drawing on experiences from the Lubanga case, victims could have … Continue reading

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More charges for LRA commander Ongwen?

In this post from the International Justice Monitor, Wairagala Wakabi reports from a hearing on the Dominic Ongwen case, during which prosecutors discussed their ongoing investigations and the possibility that new charges could be brought against the former militia commander.

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Dominic Ongwen and the slow-grinding wheels of the International Criminal Court

He may not be a household name, but Dominic Ongwen’s eventual trial at the ICC may highlight the long-forgotten victims of the conflict in Uganda and beyond involving the Lord’s Resistance Army, says Luke Moffet in this guest post from openGlobalRights.

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