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For women, the world remains an extremely dangerous place

In this guest post from Open Society, Kelly Askin writes that hopes of improvement for future generations of women rest on greater investment in efforts to prevent and punish atrocity crimes.

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Guilty: what Guatemala’s Sepur Zarco trial means for women’s rights worldwide

Survivors of wartime sexual violence in Guatemala have secured a landmark victory in the Sepur Zarco trial: a win for international human rights in a domestic court, writes Yifat Susskind in this guest post from Open Democracy.

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Make gender justice happen this International Women’s Day

The world is facing an increasing number of new armed conflict situations, all characterized by widespread sexual and gender-based violence. Gender crimes, rape and other forms of sexual violence are near endemic to conflict and are intentionally used as tools … Continue reading

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Waking up to the scourge of war-time sexual violence

The international community is slowly waking up to the importance of prosecuting perpetrators in ending the global scourge of wartime sexual violence. Yet much work remains to be done.

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