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Lubanga: First ICC convict pleads for early release

In this guest post from the International Justice Monitor, Wairagala Wakabi reports on the appeal of the ICC’s first convict, Thomas Lubanga, for early release from his 14-year sentence for child soldier war crimes.

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Five essential elements for ICC victims reparations

ICC judges have set out five essential elements for victims reparations orders in an appeals decision in the case against convicted Congolese militia leader Thomas Lubanga.

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#GlobalJusticeWeekly – DRC victims in line for collective reparations

Victims of grave crimes by convicted militia leader Thomas Lubanga in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are in line to receive collective reparations following a key ruling by ICC appeals judges this week.

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#GlobalJusticeWeekly – ASP 13: For a Stronger ICC, Enhance State Cooperation

ICC member states meeting next week must make international justice more effective by enhancing cooperation with the Court and putting in place strong mechanisms for compliance with its decisions, the Coalition for the ICC said today.

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