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Ukraine: Deter grave crimes by joining ICC

With an ongoing conflict in its eastern region, Ukraine’s government can help to deter grave crimes by becoming a full member of the ICC. Ukraine is the focus of the Coalition’s Campaign for Global Justice this month.

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Elections reinvigorate calls for Ukraine to join ICC

Following Ukraine‘s parliamentary elections, civil society is calling on the newly elected parliament to make the fight against impunity a priority by joining the ICC.

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Call on Ukraine’s new leaders to end impunity by joining ICC

The turmoil in Ukraine since November last has put accountability firmly on the table. The country became the latest ICC preliminary examination after the government used a special mechanism to accept the Court’s jurisdiction over alleged grave crimes during the … Continue reading

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#GlobalJusticeWeekly – ICC prosecutor opens preliminary examination in Ukraine

Following Ukraine’s acceptance of ICC jurisdiction last week, ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda decided today to open a preliminary examination into the situation. The examination will establish whether the conditions set forth by the Rome Statute for opening a full investigation have been met.

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Ukraine accepts ICC jurisdiction

Ukraine took a step towards obtaining justice for alleged crimes committed during the “Maidan” protests by accepting ICC jurisdiction yesterday. According to the ICC, it received a declaration from the Ukrainian government formally requesting the ICC to exercise jurisdiction over the events … Continue reading

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