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Curbing Security Council vetoes

In this guest piece by William Pace, founding steering committee member of the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect and convener of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court and Fadel Abdul Ghany, chairman and founder of Syrian Network for Human Rights, … Continue reading

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#RestraintheVeto: Putting justice above politics

Momentum is building around two initiatives calling on the UN Security Council’s permanent members to restrain the use their veto when atrocities are occurring. But how long can they continue to hold out in the face of mounting pressure for … Continue reading

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UN Security Council: The responsibility not to veto

In this guest post, Angela Patnode of the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect, writes that two initiatives being presented at the UN this week can increase the political cost, and isolation, of permanent members of the Security Council … Continue reading

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The key to ICC success: Widening the reach of international justice

In this guest post from openDemocracy, James A. Goldston, director of the Open Society Justice Initiative, argues that much more must be done to address political inequities that are resulting in uneven justice for grave crimes around the world.

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China’s lack of global leadership

China’s hosting last month of International Criminal Court (ICC) fugitive Omar al-Bashir displayed a lack of global leadership and disregard for thousands of victims of grave crimes in Darfur, Sudan.

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